Iceberg Slim, Josh2funny and the Powerball Football Team Set to March Against Drug Abuse || #mada



The use of mind altering substances of natural origin has been known since the prehistoric times. For centuries, man has tried to either complement some pleasant features of life or escape from the unpleasantness of life, whether real or imaginary, by using fermented liquor and different plant products.

Today, ingenuity has been introduced into drug abuse with complex mixtures, experimentation and new discoveries. This has resorted to the abuse of pharmaceutical products (tramadol, rohypnol) and many more. Codeine containing cough syrup mixed with soft drinks is gradually taking over alcohol in youth parties.

Substance abuse in Nigeria and the new trend is becoming a significant medical, psychological, social and economic problem facing the nation. More worrisome is the increasing number of secondary school and tertiaryinstitution students who are getting involved in drug abuse. These are the future leaders of Nigeria. What will the future of the nation be if it’s supposedly future leaders are drug addicts?

A Group of young people led by Stephen Chibuzor a graduate of the prestigious University of Lagos put together an awareness event to tackle the increasing rate of drug abuse on campuses in Nigeria. 
The PowerBall inter university football tournament is an event to campaign against drug abuse using football as a tool to bring together youths from over ten universities annually across the nation. 

The powerball football tournament season three holding in May this year, has taken a new turn and now includes an awareness walk themed March Against Drug Abuse happening on the 24th of March 2018 and would be led by celebrities like Iceberg Slim, Josh2funny, Seun Shogbamu and The Gokada Team. 

This walk would take off from the university of Lagos sport center. The aim of the walk is to create awareness for the prevention of drug abuse around campuses within the Yaba axis of Lagos state.


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