WHATEVER MAKES HER HAPPY! If my daughter tells me I want to be a stripper, that’s her life – Timaya

Nigerian singer, Enitimi Alfred Odom, better known as Timaya, has said that he would never oppose his daughter’s dreams because he is her father.
Timaya said this during a recent interview with Vibe.mg magazine alongside his signee, King Perry.
The DM Music Group boss also talked about fatherhood and music, the ups and downs and his passions.
The new baby daddy fondly talked about his daughter Emma and declared during the interview he is not a marriage material and isn’t ready for that phase yet.
See some experts from the interview:

Timaya: Whatever makes her happy, 10 or 20 years down the line If today she tells me daddy I want to be a stripper, that’s her life. I brought her into this world. I just need to make her understand what is good and bad, what is right and wrong.
Sometimes what you think is wrong for the child can be good for the child. Imagine, my father wanted me to be a banker, how? That’s not what I wanted to be. I followed my dream.
Just imagine if my parents had stopped me. This music that they never wanted me to do is what is taking the whole family somewhere, so, I think I should allow my daughter express herself.

Vibe: Let’s talk about fatherhood and music. What are the ups and downs?
Timaya: Fatherhood is life. Anything that is good comes easy. My music is my love and Emma is my life, so we are living it. Sometimes she tells me that “Daddy I don’t like that song, take it off”, and I will be like “why don’t you like it?”
I’m trying to grow my kids in the way of love just so that they can be real. If I have bad breath, my daughter can tell me, “Daddy your breath does not smell nice”. Music and fatherhood is a happy life.
I’m not living like I have to be serious because I’m doing music. It’s the job but that’s my life. I might just be doing music sometimes in the studio with my daughter but of course I’m a father, I know what is good for her at her age. So I can tell her “hey, It is bedtime now”. I’m a responsible dad also”
Vibe: Do we know the lady in your life?

Timaya: Whichever lady you people see, take it, because you might not see her again or you may still see her again. That’s Timaya for you
.      Vibe: Are you likely to be married anytime soon?
      Timaya: No. I’m not a marriage material. I’m not ready for that.

     Vibe: Any weird chance that you might get involved in politics 

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